Sunday, 12 July 2015

A poem

The other day I was feeling poetic and wanted to do something different. So I decided to create a poem about birds. It is not a real life event, and would never occur in real life. However, it rhymes and the audiences I performed it to thought it was a nice and enjoyable poem, so I hope you do enjoy it. Thank-you.

Birds in the garden 

Yesterday I saw a dove,
Big and plump,
Upon a large tree stump,
Then came a pigeon,
And over my head a wigeon,
And, I saw all this, in, my back garden.

The other day I saw a Swan,
Who landed by my pond,
It looked like, in it's mouth, it held a wand,
It then invited it's friend the Canada Goose,
And it;s acquaintance the Moose,
And, I saw all this, in, my back garden.

In the past, I saw a Grey Heron,
Long and thin,
Carrying something shaped like a pin,
Then came a golden plover,
Who saw the bird that set out to hover,
and, I saw all this, in, my back garden

One fine day I saw a Waxwing,
Taking material for it's nest,
Then it went to go west,
Then flew a Swallow,
Competing with a nuthatch to make something hollow,
And, I saw all this, in my back garden.

Some time ago on a winter day I saw a Robin,
Who, was chubby and red,
And not just his breast but his head,
At this point it was hopeless,
To see something as rare as a Diplodocus,
So, that's all I saw, in, my back garden.

But when summer days were back, I saw a Purple Heron,
With vicious claws and a pointy beak,
And I thought, 'I better run. EEK!'
But, untouched, a rock dove flew past,
So, I thought, 'I've seen a rare one at last.'
And, I saw all this, in my back garden.

When winter came, I saw a pigeon,
Who ate too much in summer,
But to adulthood he was a new-comer,
Then, over my head came a Buzzard large,
and his eagle friend named marge,
And, I saw all this, in, my back garden.

One summers day, no birds came,
Maybe my luck ran out,
What a shame,
But as all hope was lost,
One bird gave me some!
Because it's not one to miss fish (a fish-misser)
For that bird is a King-fisher,
I told the shop across from me,
Because I thought I was lucky,
And so I ended my quest,
For the one that had beauty the best,
Of course it was the Kingfisher, who, had left town,
But that did not leave me with a frown.

The final paragraph was about my favourite bird: The Kingfisher. And that is the reason I included it as my final bird, with the most beauty around, and the one that gave me hope. So thank-you for taking just five minutes out of your day to read what I have written. I hope you enjoyed. 

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