Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Friends of Ravenhurst Playing Fields

First of all I would like to apologise greatly for the mass space of time between this post and my previous post. I have been very busy doing lots of other things so unfortunately I have not been able to post and although I can not make a promise I will try and post more often. I have had some tests recently and since the last post I have been preparing for those. However, I am back now and the tests are over with so you will be hearing a lot more from me.

Besides that I have come back to posting with, well, not the happiest of thing. The Friends of Ravenhurst Playing fields is under threat of houses being built upon the local green-space. This threatens the life of many animals, insects and not only the green-space but also the playing field which is used for sports on a regular basis. An ecologist has inspected the field once more and there were signs of increased badger activity! This is great news for the field and another reason to protect this site. It is vital to many people - not just the people who live on the perimeter or in the area- but also, and I know that they aren't technically people but, the animals. There lives would be ruined if this green-space were to be destroyed. I know it sounds like a cliché but if you were to put yourself into the shoes of a badger a creature living on that green-space or just you living in your own home and somebody with no right to, came along and demolished it for no reason. Then they built there bigger houses on top of yours. It wouldn't be right. It WOULDN'T be fair. So why would it be fair to do the same to the wildlife on that green-space?

I believe the planning committee will meet to make their decision on the 26th of May. Unfortunately I did not know of such a horrible event until about two days ago we only had till the 2nd of May to submit comments. However, comments given after that date but before the decision will still be taken
 into account. Your objections to the planning department can be done on line or by post.

Planning reference is: 2014/06660/PA
To send objections on line use: www.birmingham.gov.uk/planningonline
To send by post:     Birmingham City Council Planning and Regeneration
                                  PO Box 28
                                    Birmingha B1 1TU
I thank you for your support and for your help to give it one last push to defeat the development and save our green sporting land as there is so little of it left in this area and once it is gone, it is gone FOREVER.

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