Thursday, 2 July 2015

Secret Revealed Early-I need your help

The lovely wildlife at my patch
I know that I have not done many posts yet and these are yet to come. However, something terrible has come upon my secret patch and that is why I shall reveal this secret location much earlier than planned.

The Threat
It has come to my attention that my patch is under serious threat of being taken over and turned from a delightful world of nature, where all of the wildlife can flourish into another horrific part of civilisation- an industrial park! From a peaceful, calm place, it could turn into a noisy, busy, place where all the delightful nature will be ripped from the ground and using these materials become a dreadful eyesore, which will, have a major effect on the wildlife! SO I NEED YOUR HELP TO PROTECT IT.

Not only will this have effect on the wildlife, there is ruins known as the 'abbey ruins' from the 13th century and they will also be demolished! Not only that but this also environmental, historical and ecological landscape. This is possibly the worst thing that could have happened and without your help IT WILL happen.

Now the bit you've been waiting for. Where my patch is. My patch is 'lapal and Illey brooks' in Halesowen. And although by the road it is one of the most silent places I have ever been too. Now where you can help. Please go to this website and sign the petition to stop this monstrosity from becoming a reality. You can also visit their website, Facebook page and Twitter account with these links. Thank you.





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