Saturday, 22 November 2014

The Next Trip

I have once again been to The Patch, this time though I took a different route and discovered quite different things. To start off as I was going there I saw some jackdaws on the roof of a house. Then I arrived at The Patch and I saw a Blackbird flying from one tree to another, this one had a Wood Pigeon on it and that flew the other way. I found that this was quite cool because it was like they exchanged paths. As I went in, there was a Dunnock calling in the bushes.

As I was walking up the path there was a single Goldfinch flying on its own This is strange I thought then 5 others came along to join it so that wasn't strange anymore. There is a grass area in the patch and in it a certain type of Fungi/mushroom is growing, they are called fairy rings. Fairy
Fairy rings
rings look very un-realistic, they also form circles and the top part of them are circles hence their name. Later on I saw 19 Golfinch's flying South again. 

 As I was venturing on I saw lot's of Black headed Gulls and Lesser Black Backed Gulls flying over  South-West, I think there might be a reservoir near by. (small clue)
lightning-stricken oak tree
yellow mushrooms
Fungi on oak tree
 There were 4 Redwing flying South as well. Last time I had a trip to the patch I found that there was moles digging up minuscule mole hills and fresh ones too!!! And once more I found Mole activity in the paddock by the brook. In a bush by the paddock there was a Great Tit alone, another thing I thought was strange, then another Great Tit came along and another! As I journeyed on I saw about 9 Redwing circling the Paddock and entering the dark terrain of the woods. Furthermore I went back to the old lightning-stricken Oak Tree and un-surprisingly there were mushrooms of all sort growing on it. Moreover there was some in the grass too, some were yellow, some orange and some green!!! 

After all of this I saw a MistleThrush flying over the farm nearby the patch. As I got onto the new part of my route I saw a SongThrush in a bush, it then quickly flew into another bush as it heard me slowly approaching. I have heard that the Song-thrush uses a special stone called an Anvil to break open snail shells so that it can then eat the snails. As I came to a new wood I saw about 180 Black Headed Gulls flying South-West! Here I also found another Gun Shell by some empty trees.

Finally I went into the new woods and I found that there was 2 normal sized Badger holes in the ground. 
Badger Holes
Here there was also some Fungi which I compared to my hand and it was much
I remembered not to touch it because
 it may
 be poisonous.
bigger (to the left.) After that I came back onto the path to the exit and saw two small-looking Mallards flying East over the old woods.

I will still be using I-spot to find out some of the wildlife, but if you can identify any of the things I couldn't, please leave a comment on this blog post. Thanks.

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