Wednesday, 12 November 2014

My First Post

Some kind of Fungi 
This is my first ever blog-post and I'm doing it about the first trip I ever made to the patch, ( that is what I will be calling my secret area from now on) I have pictures and some things to show. This means you can have a guess at where it is.

Maybe it was a fox

Where I am going to show you I have found some evidence that somebody had been shooting. Moreover forgetting about that there are a few bits of nature that I would like to tell you about, one of them is that I saw a Red Fox take a peak at me and run back off. The other is that I saw the flash of a rabbit running back into their burrow and I found that too!!!  It is quite spiky since it is in a hawthorn bush and this is to keep away the predators assuring their safety. I would also like to say something amazing that is there, there is a prodigious wasps nest. You can see all the little wasps carrying small pieces of dirt out of their nest and cleaning it, if you could see it, it would be so good.
Rabbits Burrow

There is a large section I still need to cover, because it is quite a big place. Furthermore the patch does not let you drive through so you have to walk through it. This shall be the first clue. There is lots more to share throughout the whole of this. I will be updating you regularly. I will be telling the clue in every post.

Just to let you know I am a little bit knew to nature and will be using the site I-spot to help me, if you want to have a go at using it go ahead it's simple!!! 

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